Connect-A-Tube creates design possibilities that are truly endless

A lean manufacturing tube and bracket system that consists of a series of ABS plastic coated steel pipes and a combination of bolt together brackets and fixings that allow the user to quickly design and build bespoke pieces of handling and storage equipment that aren't readily available as 'off-the-shelf' products.

Connect-A-tube, tube and bracket system is a very versatile product. It provides economic and bespoke solutions to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing problems that would otherwise be expensive to solve if traditional solid welded and purpose built methods of construction are employed.

The big advantage of Connect-A-tube is that as your application requirements change you can disassemble your old products and reassemble new ones.

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Connect-A-tube is an industrial tube and bracket system that can be used by any company operating lean manufacturing practices or anyone with a requirement to assemble their own bespoke racking and storage equipment.

Also referred to as a pipe and joint system or a pipe racking system, the product is extremely adaptable and can be used to construct a vast array of equipment including racking, shelving, live storage, workstations, conveyors and lots of other items that can be used to support your lean manufacturing practices.